Max Sherman

I'm Max, I come from the shores of Maine where I began my creative career as an airbrush artist painting everything from Spongebob to Alice Cooper portraits to motorcycles. I've been expanding my creative forces here in Denver Colorado for about 9 years now. I attended school at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design which is where I was able to acquire a love for graphic design. From that point on I was determined to find a way to incorporate my passion for illustration and art with this new found love. I still work towards that goal with every project to this day. I've always wanted to break down the walls around design and the expected thought process behind it. 

I love retro things, skateboarding, cartoons, heavy metal, old horror movies and posters and so on. I draw a lot of inspiration both artistically and stylistically from all of these things.

I just like making cool shit that I want to see in the world. I strive to make exciting art and expressive design that breaks boundaries.




Max Sherman